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FLEX UNO is a high CRI flexible linear LED strip designed for high-end interior retail applications, luxury hotels, hospitality venues, affluent residences, and similar settings where high-quality illumination is desired.  It offers industry-leading lumen output with high efficacy at CRI > 90.  The flexible LED tape may be used as a standalone lighting instrument or installed into optional anodized aluminum profiles with a choice of lensing options.  FLEX UNO is applicable for highlighting merchandise in display cases and casework to adding accents and visual effects to architectural elements for ambience.  The LEDs are tightly spaced at a pitch of 0.28” on a double-layer substrate for improved homogenous light output.

FLEX UNO delivers up to 915 lumens per foot with efficacies approaching 99 lumens per watt depending on the color temperature and lumen package. Maximum run length is 18’.  L80/B10 LED rated life is 60,000 hours. 

• 2700, 3000K, or 4000K with CRI > 90
• Two lumen packages up to 99 lm/W
• 43 LEDs per foot for homogenous light output
• Double-layer substrate allows long line lengths with better stability
• Flexible LED strip installs onto surface with heat-conducting adhesive

• Works with 24v Remote Driver
• Optional anodized aluminum profiles, mounting hardware, and lenses
Sold in 16.4' reel lengths. Contact factory for longer lengths



LED FLEX Uno Interior

Power supplies, optional aluminum profiles, mounting accessories, and lenses ordered separately.

Profile Options (Ordered Separately) - select profile below to see all details & accessories

WXT01 - Recessed Profile

XT01 profile.png














WXT02 - Surface Mount Profile

XT02 profile.png






WXT03 - Surface Mount Profile

XT03 profile.png





Flex Tape Profile Options
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